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Board of Trustees Guidelines

All fees and tuition charges listed in this bulletin and in any registration material issued by the College are subject to change by action of the Trustees of The City University of New York without prior notice.

In the event of any increase in the fees or tuition charges, payments already made to the College will be treated as a partial payment, and notification will be given of the additional amount due and the time and method of payment

A resident student is a U.S citizen who has had his or her principal place of abode in the State of New York for a period of at least 12 consecutive months immediately preceding the first day of classes for the semester for which the residency determination is made and who states his or her intention to permanently live and maintain his or her principal place of abode in New York State.

A full-time graduate student is one who is enrolled for at least 12 credits or equivalent. A part-time graduate student is one who is enrolled for fewer than 12 credits or the equivalent.

For each student, the tuition and fees due depend on whether he/she will attend full- or part-time, whether or not he/she resides in New York State, and whether he/she is or is not matriculated.

All fees, tuition charges, credits, and course hours listed are subject to correction in the event of error. All fees, calculations, and repeat billings are subject to correction in the event of error. Students will be obligated to pay the correct amount.

The schedule of tuition fees shall apply to all scheduled semesters, regardless of duration, subject to such special tuition fee rates as may be established by the Board of Trustees of The City University of New York. The same policy applies to summer session, except that there is no maximum tuition. Summer session students must pay for all credits or credit equivalents taken.

A child of a member of the permanent staff of The City University of New York, or a child of a deceased or retired member of such staff who had served for more than five years on an annual salary, or a child of an employee of the City of New York or of a city agency who is required to live outside the State of New York in the performance of his or her official duties shall be charged resident rates. The resident rate shall be applicable to a student of another college or university which grants, in exchange, resident rates to a student of a college within The City University of New York. Evidence of satisfactory educational qualifications must be presented, and the approval of the president of such college within the City University is required.

All recipients of financial aid should be aware that this aid is based upon the personal and financial information that the student provides to Lehman College. In the event that a student is determined not to be eligible, in whole or in part, for any expected financial aid for which he or she has applied, he or she will be held fully responsible for payment of any monies that are due the College for registration. If students withdraw, either officially (by filling out a withdrawal form in the Registrar's Office) or unofficially (by not attending classes), from any course or courses for which they have registered and a reduction in aid occurs, the student will be held personally responsible for payment of any monies due to the College.

All students who register for a course or courses must sign the statement of student liability and will be held responsible for all tuition and fees associated with their registration. All graduate students are required to pay a Student Activity Fee, Technology Fee, and Consolidated Fee for each semester that they are registered.