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Professional Teacher Certification for Initial Certificate Holders Who Have Had Three Years of Teaching Experience

Completion of a graduate program in education at Lehman College may lead to New York State professional certification in their area of study. Students who wish to obtain professional certification in Special Education, Educational Leadership, Literacy Studies, Middle and High School Education (e.g., English, mathematics, social studies, TESOL, science, foreign language, and health), or Early Childhood and Childhood Education must have earned an initial teacher certification. Information on requirements for professional certification is available from the New York State Education Department - Office of Teaching Initiatives at Lehman College recommends a student for professional certification only in the area of his/her master's degree. For example, a student who holds initial certification in Childhood Education (Grades 1–6) may apply for professional certification in Special Education if his or her master's degree is in Special Education. Students, however, may apply on their own for professional certification in an area outside their master's degree specialization through their NYS TEACH online account.