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Residency Requirement

Graduate students in master's degree programs must complete as matriculated students at least one-half of the total graduate credits required to complete their Lehman College master's degree program, OR 18 graduate-level credits, whichever is greater.

Graduate students in certificate programs must complete at least one-half of the graduate-level credits required to complete their certificate program as matriculated students at Lehman College. This minimum number of credits to be taken after matriculation is known as the Residency Requirement. Due to the varied credit requirements of Lehman's graduate programs, students will generally have to complete somewhat more than the minimum residency requirement in order to graduate. No interpretation of this policy shall supersede the policy regarding Transfer of Credit outlined elsewhere in this graduate bulletin.

Six (6) credits of the Residency Requirement may be taken as permit classes at other CUNY colleges offering appropriate master's-level courses (see Permit Courses). Courses taken at non-CUNY institutions will not be counted toward the Residency Requirement. No part of the Residency Requirement may be satisfied using courses taken prior to matriculation at Lehman College or courses taken as part of a previously awarded master's degree program.


Master's degree candidates from the Graduate School and University Center of The City University of New York (CUNY Graduate Center) may transfer to a senior college and complete the requirements for a master's degree, receiving credit for all graduate work satisfactorily completed at the Center.