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WU and F Grades Policy

A withdrawal after the financial aid certification date or program adjustment period is assigned the grade of “WD” (Dropped) or “WN” (Never Participated), or “W” (Withdrew) or “WU” (Withdrew Unofficially). Currently WD, W, WN are not academically punitive grade i.e., these grades do not impact student GPA. For Title IV purpose University uses our Grading policy for compliance with R2T4 regulations. 

Effective Fall 2021, the WU grade will not have punitive impact on a student’s GPA. The WU grade will continue to be used to denote Unofficial Withdrawal. This Policy shall supersede and override all undergraduate and graduate program-level grading change policies currently in effect at CUNY colleges and schools. 

A grade of "F" is a failure grade given to a student who completed the class and failed. This grade is assigned for work that in the judgment of the instructor does not deserve college credit. This grade is calculated in the GPA as zero and no credit will be earned. 

The complete memorandum for the CUNY Uniform Grade Glossary, Policies, and Guidelines may be found here