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Cumulative Grade Point Average

In order to be awarded a master's degree, a graduate student must finish his/her program with a cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA) of 3.0 (B) or better. Grades counted in the cumulative GPA must be earned in graduate-level courses taken at Lehman College or in graduate courses taken on permit at other CUNY institutions, and all courses must appear on the student's Lehman transcript.

All grades in graduate-level courses will be counted in computing the GPA with the following exceptions:

  • Grades earned in courses given by other institutions for which transfer credit has been allowed.

  • Grades earned in undergraduate courses taken for undergraduate credit.

  • Grades earned in graduate-level courses can be excluded from the GPA only through a successful appeal supported by Office of Graduate Studies and submitted to the Graduate Studies Committee (see "General Appeals" in this chapter of the bulletin). Graduate courses taken five (5) or more years prior to the current matriculation, or grades earned in courses unrelated to the current master's degree program, are excluded only upon appeal.