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Advanced Imaging Labs

The Art Department, in conjunction with Lehman's Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, has established three advanced imaging labs in the Fine Arts building. One lab (in Fine Arts, Room 047) contains twenty up-to-date Mac work stations with new Epson Flatbed Scanners, a Nikon Supercool Film/Slide Scanner, and a Xerox 7700 color printer. A second lab (in Fine Arts, Room 006) contains fifteen Mac work stations with Epson flatbed scanners. These teaching labs give students the opportunity to learn digital imaging, desktop publishing, webpage design, computer animation, advanced 3-D modeling, and multimedia interactive programming. In addition, a third lab (in Fine Arts, Room 006), dedicated to advanced student and faculty digital imaging, contains several Macintosh G5 computers and printers and additional high-end digital imaging and large-format printing equipment.