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INC Grades

The grade of INC is awarded only when the course requirement has not been completed for good and sufficient reasons and when there is a reasonable expectation that the student can successfully complete the requirements of the course. The INC grade covers any failure to complete all requirements for a course, such as submitting a paper or taking a final examination. For an instructor to grant an INC, the student must have met the instructor's attendance requirements in the course and have a passing semester average.

A graduate student who receives a grade of INC (incomplete coursework) has a maximum of one year from the time the INC was entered on the transcript to collaborate with the instructor and complete the work. An INC grade entered in a fall semester, for example, must be completed before the end of the next fall semester. An INC grade that has not been made up within one year will change to a FIN grade (failure to complete coursework), remains permanently on the record, and counts as an F in computing the Grade Point Average.

A graduate student will receive a hold, issued by the Office of Graduate Studies, that will prevent registration for insufficient progress towards degree completion if two or more INC and FIN grades are acquired. Stops are removed once the student satisfies incomplete coursework.

INC grades cannot be made up after the student graduates (see also "Graduation Procedure").