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Time Limit for Earning a Lehman College Master's Degree

Master's degree candidates must complete their programs within five years from the time they begin their program and become degree-seeking graduate students. Absence from the College for one or more semesters does not alter or affect the five year limit (see Interruption of Studies) for earning a degree. Currently enrolled graduate students who, due to unusual circumstances, are unable to complete their degrees within the five-year period may apply for a two-year extension in the Office of Graduate Studies, Shuster 279. Extension requests will be reviewed by the Graduate Studies appeals committee and the Academic Department offering the degree program for review and final decisions.

Extensions may only be granted once. In total, upon granting an extension, there will be seven permitted years to complete a graduate program. Failure to file an extension or to complete the degree within the granted timeline will result in the closing of the student record. Students with closed records will not be permitted to continue their studies in the incomplete graduate program.

Students who are not currently enrolled must adhere to the interruption of studies policy to be readmitted into the College.