Department: English

The M.A. program in English serves those who wish to expand their understanding of literature or composition, those who wish to prepare themselves for teaching English on the secondary or two-year college level, and those who wish to proceed to the doctorate. Students may choose concentrations in literature or in composition studies.

All students are eligible to take all courses (with whatever prerequisites may be listed). Most courses are "studies in" particular themes, genres, historical periods, or critical approaches; topics may vary and are announced during the preceding semester, and students may elect the same course twice if the topic is different. All courses must be on the 700 level unless the Program Coordinator permits a 600-level course to be counted toward the number of courses in English required for the degree. Students wishing to count a 600-level course must submit work written in the course for evaluation by the English Department Graduate Committee. All work for the degree must be completed within four years of matriculation.

Before their first registration, all students are required to plan complete programs with the Program Coordinator, who must approve all courses prior to registration.

Students who have done their major work in English in non-English-speaking countries may be required to offer evidence of having completed additional undergraduate English courses taken in a North American college or university before admission to the graduate program; these may be taken at Lehman College. Such students will be required to attain a score of at least 600 on the TOEFL; candidates with scores of between 580 and 600 may be considered for admission provided they first attend a language institute or otherwise remedy their deficiencies.

Additional information regarding all aspects of the M.A. program in English may be obtained from the Program Coordinator.