Department: Exercise Sciences and Recreation

Human Performance and Fitness

Lehman College's M.S. in Human Performance and Fitness Program aims to equip students with the necessary skills and competencies required to function efficiently in the field of exercise science, and physical fitness and wellness. With personal health and fitness occupying much of our nation's attention, a graduate degree that ties together the studies of anatomy, kinesiology, physiology, sports nutrition and other related exercise science disciplines, is an excellent way to tap into a plentiful job market whose goal is the promotion of a healthier nation through exercise and fitness interventions. In addition, the program utilizes the Human Performance Laboratory, with its state-of-the-art equipment, and the additional resources of the APEX facility, including its fitness and weight training centers.

The program prepares students for careers in corporate and community fitness programs, health clubs, and similar fitness-related industries. Although the program does not fulfill teacher certification requirements, it is of particular appeal to public school teachers (primary and secondary) in health and physical education, who are required by New York State to obtain a master’s degree for continued employment. Positions in sales or marketing of medical, fitness, sports supplements and sports-related equipment may also be appropriate for students with this degree. In addition, the program prepares students for doctoral programs in areas related to exercise science and to carry out research that advances the emerging body of literature in human health, fitness and performance.

Master of Science in Education (M.S.Ed.) Recreation Education

The Master of Science in Education (M.S.Ed.) Recreation Education at Lehman College is a 33-36 credit hour program that is designed to prepare individuals for professional employment in parks, recreation, and leisure services. As positions within parks, recreation, and leisure services continues to grow (according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics and the New York State Department of Labor), the M.S.Ed. in Recreation Education is a vital degree for those who are interested in entering the field for the first time or for those already in the field seeking promotion. Our knowledgeable and dedicated faculty are considered experts in the parks, recreation, and leisure services discipline and many of our instructors are professionals currently working for parks, recreation, and leisure services organizations.

The program offers three options: A) Recreation and Park Administration; B) Therapeutic Recreation Service; and C) Physical Education Teacher. Option A: Recreation and Park Administration prepares individuals for supervisory and administrative roles in public, voluntary, and commercial recreation agencies. Option B: Therapeutic Recreation Service prepares individuals to deliver therapeutic services in hospitals, nursing homes, day-treatment programs, and other institutional and community settings. Option C: Physical Education Teacher is only open to individuals who possess the initial certification in physical education and are pursuing the professional certification (for which this degree would qualify them, according to the New York State Education Department (NYSED).