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OLDC-EDD - Organizational Leadership, Development and Change


Official Name of Program

Organizational Leadership, Development and Change

Plan Code


Department(s) Sponsoring Program



Degree Designation

EDD - Doctor of Education



NYSED Program Code

42352 - OLDC-EDD

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EDOL Program Overview

Lehman College’s 52-credit Ed.D. in Organizational Leadership, Development and Change (EDOL) program seeks talented individuals who come from diverse backgrounds and want to lead change in their organizations and communities.

Throughout the three years of part-time study, Ed.D. candidates not only learn from instructors who possess both academic expertise and practical know-how but from peers in their cohort (a small group of highly qualified candidates who move through their course of study as a group).

Because candidates’ lives are filled with work, family, and community, the program is offered in a low-residency format, with most of the coursework delivered online (asynchronous and synchronous). Prospective students can expect to come to campus no more than two or three days per academic year (either in the evening or on weekends).

In each cohort, Ed.D. candidates collaborate with other committed individuals from both the non-profit and profit sectors who are focused on the same goal-- strengthening their
organizations. The curriculum reflects an interdisciplinary approach to leadership that integrates theory and best practices from education, business, health and human services, psychology, and public administration. The EDOL program is aligned with the Carnegie Project on the Education Doctorate’s standard of “dissertation in practice, which employs an innovative framework that moves away from the traditional dissertation. As an alternative, candidates complete three articles that focus on a problem of practice within their workplace or their community. Through course work and guided dissertation seminars, candidates hone their writing and research skills and become practitioner-scholars, prepared to contribute to the professional conversation on organizational development and change.

The EDOL program prepares candidates for advanced careers and develops their capacity for change-making, innovation, and leadership in a variety of organizational contexts.