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Special Education - Adolescent


Official Name of Program

Special Education - Adolescent

Plan Code


Department(s) Sponsoring Program



Degree Designation

MSED - Master of Science in Education



NYSED Program Code

25830 - SEAAC-MSED

CIP Code


This program leads to a master's degree in Science Education. Upon completion of additional requirements, candidates will be eligible to receive New York State Initial Certification to teach one or more of the following sciences at the level of adolescent education (Grades 7-12): biology, chemistry, earth science, general science, and physics.

To be eligible for the Science Education Master's Program, potential students must fall into one of the following categories:

Sequence 1: For candidates who have, or are eligible for, Initial Certification in subjects other than science and who seek certification as science teachers.

Sequence 2: For candidates who have completed at least 36 credits in biology, chemistry, geology, or physics, but who lack professional education coursework and who seek Initial Certification.

Sequence 3: For candidates who hold a valid Transitional B certificate in biology, chemistry, earth science, general science, or physics, Grades 7-12, from New York State.